Hi, dear visitor!

Welcome to my web-site!

Here you will have an opportunity to look at what I can offer you, playing my instruments in temporary needs in a band or project of yoursÖ

Iíve been playing guitar and bass since 1989, and I've picked up the saxophone in 1997 and I've been playing it intensily since then!

Music has alaways been important in my life. Both as an art- and expression-form, not to mention the sociological and psychological perspectives.

That was deep! It could also be described as good, clean fun for all, man!

Through the years, Iíve been playing in several bands, with different styles of music; pop, rock, blues, jazz and so on...

What's interesting, in my opinion, is that the diffrerent styles is challenging me to estimate the obvious traditions within them, and then try to expand them as far as possible!For the amusement of the audience, the musicians themself, and the bandleader I'm working for as a musician..

It can be very exiting to, from one day, play jazz or fusion on the saxophone, to another, play juicy blues on the guitar!

The many different ways to express oneself in all these musicstyles, have always stimulated me to develop my sound!

Some people dont think you can develop a truely sound based on high tradition in music, if you dont dedicate your musical life to one style. I donít agree!

I am confident in my playing over various styles over the years, and have seen the audience appreciate my work on stage and listening to my recordings!

Hip is not what you do, it's the way you'll do it!

So what is this all about?

An instrument is what it sounds, a tool to get a job done.

I feel a great satisfaction choosing among my instruments to play in various styles of music!
Thatís what Iím working with, and what I've been doing for many years!

Some of the artists I've been playing together with are:

  • Kim Kšrnfalk
  • Svenne o Lotta
  • Harry Brandelius
  • Johnny Logan
  • Paolo Mendonza
  • Eddie Meduza
  • Jim Jihed

and some of the bands I've been playing together with are:

Dancing music:
  • Scandix
  • Taste
  • Chans
  • Cristie
  • Sounders
  • Fritt Fram
  • Johnny and the Flames
  • Beson o Co

I've also been involved into different musical projects in Jazz and Fusion that's been performed at Festivals and Clubs such as Club Nefertiti which is to concider as a National Music Stage in Sweden.
I've also been involved in different shows in Sweden as well as abroad.

I have a great experience of branches in music and all varieties of music since the middle of the 1980's.
I can asure you that all bandleaders I've been playing together with are, or have been, very satiesfied with what I have performed in their orchestras / bands.

  What I can offer you is the following instruments that you might like me to play;  
  • Baritone-saxophone
  • Tenor-saxophone
  • Alto-saxophone
  • Soprano-saxophone

Iím reaching for a modern sax-sound, comparible to modern jazz and popular music. My influenses are Mikael Brecker, David Sanborn, Branford Marsalis, Courtney Pine.. (listen to tracks!)


Iíve got different kinds of guitars. Iíve got Fender Strat with the classic ítwangí-sound, hollowbodu jazztype, different humbucker guitars.

I have all sounds from clean pop to pure metal! To make this possible, I use guitar processors of high quality.They are very effective in use, with their large numbers of programs, easy and fast to plug in to mixerboards and play!

I use only these processors on every gig and studio-sessions! (listen to tracks!)

Influenses on guitar; Mikael Landau, Dominic Miller, David Gilmour..


I also play the bass. Iíve got 4-, 5- and 6- string basses.

Fretless also! (not double bass, sorry!)

Influenses on bass; Marcus Miller, Nathan East, Gary Willis.....

Note; my influenses are only a slight hint of my aims in sound!



If it does'nt match up with your taste, dont worry! Iím versatile in my playing, listening to your needs!Ö

If you need one, or a combination of these instruments above, IíM THE MAN!
Iím confident to say I have satisfied my earlier employers every time, no matter what musical style!

For more information and booking, please e-mail or call me!


      all you need is love